Bonny Cravat, Ashford
Bonny Cravat, Ashford
Bonny Cravat, Ashford

Welcome to the Bonny Cravat, Ashford

A unique pub full of character and history

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No-one really knows where the name Bonny Cravat came from - some say it was a meeting point for smugglers who traded with Frenchmen using a boat called La Bonne Curvette, others suggest the name came from a carefully tended yew hedge, called a carvet, which surrounded the pub. Either way, the name is unique for a British pub and we and our neighbours in the village of Woodchurch are very proud of it.

Inside, we have two large bars and a games room, with a pool table and two dart boards. We also have three fireplaces, with roaring winter fires to warm your heart. Outside, we have a large garden with a decking area, a barbecue and a small children's play area.

We have full disabled access throughout the pub and garden, and we have a large car park with ample parking.

In the cellar, there's a priest hole and a tunnel which leads directly to the church opposite; these are believed to date from the time of the Reformation. So if you're looking for a taste of history, come and visit us today!